Thursday, September 26, 2013

Open Data in Practice: Day One

Author: Irina Radchenko

The first day of the training course Open Data in Practice in the Open Data Institute.

The first day included 8 hours with short breaks for coffee. Our class of 12 people listened to a few lectures and learned about the world of open data (Discovering Data on the Web). The lectures led by David Tarrant of the University of Southampton were lively and moved along at a brisk pace.

The format of the presentation was accessible and an accommodating way to learn about open data, the evolution of the web, data formats, why and where these formats are used.

Dave also delivered a separate lecture on related data and the RDF-model of data. This was a much more interesting area of open data. I will organize and publish my thoughts and notes I made ​​during the class.

Amazingly, our group included several people I have known only virtually. One of these virtual friends was Jason Hare, who I met on the Internet a few months ago on the basis of open data. He heads a wonderful project on open data of Raleigh. Another member of our group attending was Ibrahim Ahmed Elbadawi, who, like me ( ), conducted a webinar in February on open data related to FAO UN (the United Nations).
The community of open data is close!

The institute puts all open data presentation training courses in open access. I think that the presentation of this course will also be available for viewing and downloading later.
For those interested in post the links to useful resources:
  1. Interactive visualization of the evolution of the web:
  2. Useful service that allows you to design various online applications (using different libraries):
  3. The code for creating RSS-aggregator David Tarrant: Note that jsfiddle can be branched projects (to fork, as in Github)
  4. GRAPHITE PHP Library Linked Data: .
  5. The first-class online ODI:
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