Saturday, December 8, 2012

Practical Advice for Open Data Managers

From the Guardian UK:

The US-based Center for Technology in Government has released practical advice for government managers planning or actively engaged in open data initiatives.

A white paper from the center, The dynamics of Opening Government Data, is based on findings from a year-long research project at the University of Albany (State University of New York) and aims to help organisations understand the value of open data.


  •  Releasing government data that is relevant to both agency performance and the public interest.
  •  Investing in strategies to estimate how different stakeholders will use the data.
  •  Devising data management practices that improve context.
  •  Thinking about sustainability for long-term value creation.
The recommendations are based on two case studies: public access to street construction project data in Alberta, Canada, and public access to restaurant health inspection data in New York. They include: Download the whitepaper here: